Movie Organizer Help

Handling Databases

All information about your movies are stored in a database.
All database files have the extension .mvo, like this 'MyMovies.mvo'.
When you start Movie Organizer for the first time a new database will be loaded.
You can always see the name of your database in the programs titlebar.
To save an unnamed database you have to select 'File/Save database as...' and select
what you would like to call your database file.
To save a database that already has a name select 'File/Save database'.

NOTE! You should not mistake the the two Save-button in the toolbar.
The left Save-button is 'File/Save database', and the right Save-button is 'Movie/Save'
which saves the movie to database'. If you hover your mouse button over the buttons you
will see a short description of which button is which.

The database is the database that contains all your movies. When you select
'Movie/Save' you save a movie to the database. When you select 'File/Save database'
you save your database file that contains all your movies.

If you add or edit some movies in your database and forget to save the database file,
all the data you added will be lost.

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