Movie Organizer Help

Adding movies

There are two ways of adding a movie.

The manual approach

This alternative is the most time-consuming.

To add a movie to the database enter a name in the movie title-field.
You can also enter additional information such as cast, credits, genre etc.
When you're finished entering information press Save in the toolbar or by using
the menuitem 'Movie/Save'.

The automatic approach

This is what you do if you have access to internet.
Enter the MOODb Downloader and search for a movie
either by UPC code, movie title or name.

NOTE! When a movie is selected in the movie list you can not enter a new movie,
only modify the selected one. To be able to enter a new movie you have to clear
the selection. To do that press 'Enter new movie' in the toolbar or by using the
menuitem 'Movie/New movie'.

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