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Automatic backups

There are two types of automatic mvo-file backups.
All backups are stored in the 'Backup' folder.

The first type of auto-backup occurs when upgrading, in case something should go wrong.
If you upgrade from v2.5.4 to a newer version, the mvo-file will be stored in
a folder named 2.5.4, and will contain the mvo-file BEFORE the upgrade was made.

The second type of auto-backup occurs whenever you open a mvo-file.
That file will be backed up with the prefix 'jic_' which stands for 'Just In case'.
If you open the mvo-file 'MyMovies.mvo' the backup will be called 'jic_MyMovies.mvo'.
The main reason for the jic-backup is if your mvo-file should become corrupt,
perhaps due to an unwanted power cut. Then you can always return to the mvo-file
used before the failure.

To restore a file, just copy it from the 'Backup' folder to your 'User' folder.

See also Manual backups

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