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Editing actors

The fields are Name, IMDb ID and Importance.

Name needs no further explanation.

IMDb ID is the number representing the actor at IMDb, The International Movie Database.
In the example with Natalie Portman above you see that her IMDb ID is 0000204.
Do you recognize that number in the URL pointing at Natalie Portman at IMDb?
If you don't know the actors IMDb ID, surf to and do a search.
When you've found the actor you'll find the IMDb ID in the URL.

Besides the IMDb ID you see a IMDb button. When IMDb ID is filled in, it will go from
gray to gold, and then you can click the button to go directly to that actors page on IMDb.

If you download movie info using the online movie search, actors names including
their IMDb ID will be added automatically to your movie database.

Actors importance only have one function. To give higher priority in the cast list.
If you have many actors in your cast list, you would probably want your favorite actors
at the top. Give the actor a higher importance, and he/she will sort higher.

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