Movie Organizer Help

Explanation of options

'Original title' taken from the field 'movie title' when input of new movie

Automatically fills in the 'original title' field with the data from 'movie title'.
This is only done if the 'original title' field is blank.

Automatically start last database on startup

When starting Movie Organizer, the database you last loaded will be opened automatically.

Append region to DVD in movie list

If you separate your DVD's by region, enable this to append the region to the
movie lists media column. For example: If you have a DVD with Region 2,
the media column will say 'DVD - 2'.

Show tooltips on input fields

Gives a blue or yellow tooltip when hovering over some fields.
Changing this requires a restart of Movie Organizer to take effect.

Default media

The default media you get when selecting 'Enter new movie'

Default format

The default format you get when selecting 'Enter new movie'

Alternative MOOD URL

Normally not used, so no need to enter anything here.
When nothing is entered the MOOD URL is assumed to be

Custom field captions

Select your own caption for any of the custom fields.

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