Movie Organizer Help


Some people prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse.
There are several different ways to use the program without even touching the mouse.

Pressing ALT will expose an underlined letter in the menu.
If you press ALT together with this letter, you'll open that menu with your keyboard.
For example, press ALT+F to open the 'File menu'.
Now you can use your cursor keys to move around in the menu, and press enter to select.

When you open the menu you'll see that besides the menu item there is a key or
a combination of keys. This is the shortcut.
For example, besides 'Save database' it says 'F4' and besides 'Edit actors' it says 'CTRL+F1'.
This means you can press F4 to save your database, and you can press CTRL AND F1 at the same time to edit actors.

Take a look at the information tabs and you see that they also have underlined letters.
If you for example should press ALT+L you will open the loans tab.

In case you hover your mouse pointer over the toolbar, a tooltip will appear
showing the shortcut. For example, hover your mouse pointer over the printer icon
and the text 'Print CTRL+P' will appear. CTRL+P is the shortcut to print.

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