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To enter the Print Wizard press the Print button on the toolbar or by using the
menuitem 'Movie/Print'.

Here's an explanation of the different parts.

Select report

Currently only possible to print movie lists. In a future version it should be possible
to print individual movies with both information and cover.

Report caption

The header for your report. The entered caption is saved until next time, so you
don't have to enter the caption every time you print.

What to print

You have the following options for printing:
* All movies
* All movies visible in your movie list
* Movies lent out
* Recommended movies

This is exactly what it sounds like. If you choose to print 'All movies',
then all movies will be printed.

However, the option 'All movies visible in your movie list' requires some attention.
Use 'Advanced search' to show exactly what you want to print in the movie list,
and then print with this option.
You can for example print all movies starring your favorite actor, or perhaps all
your comedies. [Advanced search]

Report design

This tab gives you the possibility to construct the report in any way you'd like.
If you accept the pre-defined report design you can press 'Print' right away,
but if you want to design your own report here's how:

Mark the 'Design your own report' option.

Select how many fields you want on your report (maximum is 10).

'Database field' is the actual data to be printed.

'Left position' is where the field should be printed on the paper.

'Width' is how wide you want the field to be.

'Sorting and sortorder' lets you choose one of the fields to sort on, either
ascending or descending. More advanced sorting will come in a future version
of Movie Organizer.

Don't forget that you can save your own report design and load it again the next
time you want to print.

See also [Advanced search]

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