Movie Organizer Help

Fast search

Many fields in Movie Organizer can be used for fast searching.

These fields are:

- Movie title
- Original title
- UPC code
- Media (if enabled in options)
- Media file type
- Media codec/origin
- Movie #
- Year
- Runtime
- Purchase price
- Room
- Place
- Shelf
- Custom 1-6
- Rating
- Type of tape
- Lenght of tape
- Picture format
- Audio format

To perform a fast search do the following:
1) Select 'Enter new movie' (CTRL+E)
2) Enter data to search for
3) Select 'Fast search' (CTRL+F)

Here's some examples:

You would like to search for all movies containing the word 'upon'
Select 'Enter new movie' in the menu. Enter 'upon' in the movie title field and
then select 'Fast search' in the menu.

You would like to find all movies made in the 80's.
Press CTRL+E, enter '198' in the year field and press CTRL+F.

Note that it doesn't matter if you select 'Fast search' in the menu or press CTRL+F.
[Read more about shortcuts]

You can also combine searches, like this:

You want to search for all movies from the 60's with a title containing the word 'upon'.
Press CTRL+E. Enter 'upon' in the movie title field and '196' in the year field,
and finally press CTRL+F.

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