Movie Organizer Help

Customizing the movie list

Basically there's four things you need to know about the movie list.

You can rearrange the columns,
you can choose which columns should be shown,
you can resize the columns,
and you can sort your movie list with a simple click.

Here's a detailed description of the different options.

Rearrange columns

Position the mouse pointer above the column you would like to move.
Press down the left mouse-button and keep it pressed.
Move the mouse sideways to where you would like to move it.
(You will see a small marking between the columns moving as the new location changes.)
When you're satisfied with the new location, just release the left mouse-button.

The new position will be saved and will appear the next time you use Movie Organizer.

Select visible columns

In the menu 'View/List columns' you'll find all the fields you can
have in your movie list. Check the items you would like to show.

Note that the columns never actually disappear, they just get zero width.

Your configuration will be saved until the next time you use Movie Organizer.

Resize columns

If you position your mouse between the edge of two columns the mouse pointer
will change to a black single stripe with two arrows pointing left and right.
Press your left mouse-button and keep the button pressed.
Move the mouse sideways, and you're resizing the column.

If you should position your mouse like described and the mouse pointer instead
changes to two smaller black stripes with arrows pointing left and right,
you've located a hidden column. (A column unchecked in 'View/List columns'.)
If you resize this column you'll make it visible.

If the double stripe pointer occurs, move the mouse pointer slightly to the left
and the single stripe will show instead.

Your configuration will be saved until the next time you use Movie Organizer.

Sort columns

Sort the movie list by clicking your left mouse-button on the columns.
Clicking more than once on the same column, will change between
ascending and descending sort order.

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