Movie Organizer Help

Editing covers

On the movie tab you have two cover boxes.
If covers are added, you will see small thumbnails of the covers in these boxes.

These are the command buttons below the boxes:

ADD - Add a cover to your movie.
DELETE - Delete a cover from your movie.
VIEW - View the cover full-screen (click to return)

('Add' and 'Delete' are never shown at the same time)

The simplest solution is to put all your covers in the 'Movie Organizer\Covers' folder.

If you for some reason want to store your covers at another location,
set the 'Default cover path' in Options to your alternative cover path.

If the cover can't be found at the referenced location, Movie Organizer will automatically
scan two locations for the cover. First the 'Default cover path', and second the
'Movie Organizer\Covers' folder.
If the cover can't be found in any of these locations you will get a 'Incorrect path to cover' message.

NOTE! All covers added to your movies are only references to the files. No covers are stored
in the mvo-file, only paths and file names. So, when you make a backup of your mvo-file, don't
forget to backup all your covers.

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