Movie Organizer Help

XP-Styled Controls

General information:

This feature only applies if you're using Windows XP.

Movie Organizer is developed in VB6, and is using controls that by default
will not give you the XP-styled controls.

To get XP-styles in Movie Organizer you need the XP-styles Add-In.
This feature is only available in version 2.6.3 or later.

To enable XP-styles check 'Use XP styled controls' in Options.

Technical information:

The Add-In is called 'xpstyles.aiz' and should be located in the AddIns folder.
If the Add-In can't be found, the 'Use XP styled controls' option will be disabled.

When activating the 'Use XP styled controls', a manifest-file will be saved
together with MovieOrganizer.exe. This file will be removed again when disabling the feature.

You need to restart Movie Organizer for the feature to take effect.

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