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MOODb Administrator

Pressing F8, or selecting 'Online/MOODb Administrator' in the menu will open the 'MOODb Administrator.

If you want to make use of the MOODb Administrator, you need to create a MOODb user, which is FREE.
See [MOODb Manager] for more information regarding this.

A toplist is available at

There are two tabs, one Data-tab and one Thumbnail-tab.

The Data-tab.

A comparison is made firstly on the MOODb ID.
If you have no local MOODb ID, a title comparison is made instead.

If there is a match you will be able to compare local and online data.
Any differences will show in a clear red color.

Before uploading any new movie information, make sure it is correct.
To enable the Upload-button you need to click the 'All local movie data above is correct'-checkbox.

The Thumbnail-tab.

This is where you upload movie thumbnails to MOODb.
All thumbnails must be 170 pixels wide, 240 pixels high and maximum 20,000 bytes.

To enable the 'Upload to MOODb'-button you need to click on 'Compare with MOODb'.
This will show information about the current thumbnail in MOODb.
If you get a message saying that a thumbnail is missing, you can upload your thumbnail.
If there already is a thumbnail, only overwrite if your thumbnail is better.
Note that size is irrelevant. A thumbnail with less bytes can look better than one with more.

See also [MOODb Manager]
See also [MOODb Thumbnails]

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