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MOODb User Manager

Selecting 'Online/MOODb Manager' in the menu will open the MOODb Manager.

Here you have a description of the different options.

I would like to register for free

Enter your name, e-mail, login and password.
After clicking on 'Register' you should receive an e-mail shortly. If you haven't received
an e-mail within an hour, make use of the 'Please resend my activation link' feature.
When you click the activation link you should be taken to a MOODb webpage saying "Account activated".

I would like to enter my login information

When you've activated your account, enter your login information here.
If you already have entered a user and would like to login with another user, you first need
to remove the current user. Click on 'View user info' if you would like to do this.

I have forgot my login and/or password

If you can't remember your login information, enter your e-mail and click on 'Mail me my account information'.

Please resend my activation link

Enter your e-mail and click on 'Please resend my activation link'.

View user info

Lists your user information.
You can remove the current user by clicking on 'Remove login information'.

See also [MOODb Administrator]

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