Movie Organizer Help

The thumbnail folder

The thumbnail folder is called Thumbs, and should reside in the Movie Organizer
directory, like in this example:
c:\Program\Movie Organizer\Thumbs

All movies in your collection (with a MOODb ID) will match its MOODb ID with
files in the Thumbs-folder.

For example:
Let's say you have a movie called Ben-Hur in your collection.
This movie has the MOODb ID 0001547.
When you select this movie, Movie Organizer will check the Thumbs-folder for a file called 0001547.jpg.
If found, this image will show in the Thumbnail window in Movie Organizer.

When you add a local thumbnail in Movie Organizer, the image you add will be verified
and if it meets the requirements it will be automatically copied into the Thumbs-folder
and renamed to the appropriate MOODb ID.

If you download movie information from MOODb all thumbnails will be placed in this folder.

WARNING! Thumbnails are not stored in your mvo-file. When backing up your mvo-file,
it's recommended that you also backup your thumbnail folder.

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