Movie Organizer Help

How to create MOODb thumbnails

You need a movie cover or movie poster. The bigger, the better.
These can easily be found on the Internet.

Make use of your favorite graphics software.
This could for example be Adobe Photoshop or Paintshop Pro.

Open the poster, and if necessary remove unwanted edges.
Open the cover, and cut out the front of the cover.

Resize to an image that is 170 pixels wide, and 240 pixels high.
Do not resize indexed colored images. These have a limited amount of colors (often 256)
and will look crappy after the resize.

Save the image as JPG, and if needed adjust the quality to a maximum of 25,000 bytes.
This is aproximately a 24.4 Kb file.

It's recommended that you save your work in a folder of your choice and manually add
your thumbnails into Movie Organizer using the [MOODb Thumbnail Manager].

If you want to save your thumbnails directly into the Thumbs-folder in your
Movie Organizer directory, you might want to read this article first:
[The thumbnail folder]

Finally, the thumbnail is supposed to LOOK GOOD. Always take a look at the final result
and be satisfied. Keep in mind that these thumbnails might be downloaded by thousands of people.

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