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How to add thumbnails to MOODb

A thumbnail is often the front of the movie cover.
It might also be a movie poster.

Thumbnail specifications:
Maximum size: 25,000 bytes (~24.4 Kb)
Width: 170
Height: 240

Here's an example of a movie with a thumbnail:

For information on how to create thumbnails, read this: [How to create MOODb thumbnails]

First of all,you need to add a local thumbnail.

To add a local thumbnail, select 'Online/MOODb Thumbnails' in the menu or press F9.
Click on the button 'Add local thumbnail' and locate the thumbnail.
After adding the thumbnail you'll find it in the Thumbs-folder renamed to the correct MOODb ID.

Second, you need to upload your local thumbnail to MOODb.

Enter MOODb Administrator and select the Thumbnail-tab.
For more information read 'The Thumbnail-tab' section of the following article.
[MOODb Administrator]

For more information about the thumbnail folder read this article:
[The thumbnail folder]

If you add enough thumbnails you might get your name in the Top 100 image uploaders:

Read more about the top-lists here:
[MOODb Top-lists]

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