Movie Organizer Help

How to add a MOODb ID

If you don't have a MOODb ID you have three alternatives.

1) Enter [MOODb Downloader] and search for your movie.
If you find it in MOODb, download and update your local data.

2) If the movie can't be found in MOODb first of all make sure you check for alternative
spellings. Your spelling might not be the correct one. If you're positive it's not in MOODb,
you can add the movie yourself with the [MOODb Administrator].
A MOODb ID will automatically be assigned to the uploaded movie.

3) Visit and search for the movie.
If you find it you can see the MOODb ID in the URL.
For example, the movie Ben-Hur has the URL
This means that the MOODb ID is 0001547.

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