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Uploading your movie collection

This kb article is written with Movie Organizer v2.7.6 in mind.

Before you upload your movie collection, you need to make sure all your movies have MOODb ID's.
The MOODb ID is a 7 digit number wich should be entered for each movie in the MOODb ID
field on the main tab of Movie Organizer. Only movies with valid MOODb ID's will be uploaded.

To make sure you always have a valid MOODb ID, it's recommended that you always
download your information from MOODb, and not IMDb. Then MOODb ID's will be filled in automatically.

To upload your movie collection locate the menu item
'MOODb / MOODb Online Movie Collection / Upload your movie list to MOODb'.

The following screen should appear:

Here's an explanation of the different options.

Online collection sorting

* Sort by MOODb movie title
With this option, the movies will be sorted by their real names in MOODb.

* Sort as local movie list
With this option, they will be uploaded in the exact order as you have sorted them in your movie list.
This means that you can sort on any of the movie columns, ascending or descending.
Here's a small example:
Let's say you would like to sort on production year.
First make sure you have the Production year column visible. (If it's not shown, use 'View / Listcolumns' menu to show it.)
Now click on the 'Production year' column. If you click more than once, you will change between ascending or descending order.
Now, simply upload your collection with 'Sort as local movie list' selected.

This option has one bonus feature. Any movie not visible in the movie list, will not be uploaded.
However, you will be warned if you try to do this.

Other settings

* Show your collection after upload
After a successful collection upload, your preferred browser will be launched and show your collection.
This is the same as manually clicking on the 'View collection'-button.

* Show NEW-icon in your collection.
The NEW icon looks like this:
All movies flagged as NEW (next to MOODb ID on the main tab) will get this icon besides the movie title in your collection.

* Show Edition-information in collection.
If you have added Edition information, such as 'Special Edition', 'Uncut', etc this can be shown besides the movie name.

How to upload your movie collection

* Upload list based on MOODb ID's

This is the fastest and most efficient way of uploading your collection.
All movies will be listed with the original names in MOODb.

* Upload list with your preferred movie titles (MOODb Supporters only)

This option uploads your exact movie titles.
Since this option is more bandwidth demanding it is limited to MOODb Gold Members.

Here's a simple example of how to use this feature:

You have a movie in your collection called "The Abyss", which is the original title.
You enter "Abyss, The" in 'Movie title' since this is how you want to list it.

As long as the MOODb ID is correct, you can write anything you want in 'Movie title' such as AKA's
and personal numbering (often used on James Bond-movies) in the movie title, and this will show in
your online movie list, instead of the original title.

For information about how to add MOODb ID's read the following article:
[How to add a MOODb ID]

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