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Getting your own movie list URL

Having your own URL to your movie list can be very useful. You can for example send a
mail with your URL to all your friends and as long as you keep your movie list updated,
they will always know what movies you have.

If you register a MOODb user (which is free), and activate your account, you will automatically
get your own URL for your movie list.

For example, register a MOODb user with login 'testuser', and your URL will be:

You can always watch your online movie list directly from Movie Organizer by selecting
'Online/View your collection online' from the menu.

You must of course register a MOODB user (which is free) before you get your own URL.
Read more about that here: [MOODb User Manager]

You must of course upload your movie collection online before you can view it.
Only movies with a MOODb ID will be uploaded.
Read more about that here: [Uploading your movie collection]

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